We are a 100% Mexican company
Specialized in make and distribuite products for the handling and lifting of cargo
Our philosophy, besides worrying about giving the best professional and personal service to our clients
Is to seek that all the products we made or commercialize have at least and obvious advantage in relation to the products that can be found in the Mexican market
Our mission is to manufacture, commercialize and distribute high quality products for the handling and lifting of cargo
Offering obvious competitive advantages, as well as high quality products to fence urban or farming properties, providing the customer with an integral solution to their needs through a personal attention and a professional service
Our vision is to be the highest quality company and service in Mexico in the manufacture and marketing of products in our industry
For that we focus on continuous improvement, teamwork and closeness to the client, in order to satisfy their needs and have an integral development of the company
Our values are:
Honesty / Confidence / Respect / Comradeship / Friendship / Loyalty / Generosity
All the product that CARGO LIFT mades or commercializes have OBVIOUS ADVANTAGES in relation to the general cargo products and are produced under a strict quality control and with the most advanced technology in order to offer the client the best option in the cargo lifting.
Cargo Lift distributes and installs various novel fencing systems known as Deacero Classic Fence, Ornamental Steel Fence models Milan and Florencia, Forte Steel Fence, Contemporary Steel Fence and triple knot fence, urban and security fences. in addition, it markets the traditional chain-link fence fabric.
Great Summer Sale!
Great Summer Sale!
Protect what you care the most!
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Premio al mejor vendedor de CM de el segundo semestre de 2016
Premio al mejor vendedor de CM de el segundo semestre de 2016
El día de hoy viernes 10 de marzo de 2017, Oseir García, Marketing Manager de Columbus McKinnon y Erick Bazán, entregaron en Cargo Lift el premio al ganador del programa Lift Star que fue Cargo Lift con un crecimiento en ventas de el 178% en el segundo semestre de 2016.
Recommended products
Protections and Sleeves for Slings
Slings in contact with edges, corners, protrusions or abrasive surfaces SHALL be protected with an additional material of sufficient strength, thickness and construction to prevent damage to the sling.
Synthetic round slings
Cargo Lift produces synthetic slings in partnership with Liftex brand, one of the oldest brands in the world since it has manufactured them since 1955. Liftex sends us the raw material and Cargo Lift produces slings according to Liftex’s quality standards and with its experience of more than 60 years.
Urban, residential and security triple knot fence
The best high security fence you can buy, and the cheapest too!
Cargo Lift has the exclusive distribution at national level of Tractel brand for manual chain and lever hoist as well as manual trolleys.